Wintry Mix

Wintry Mix

It is cold. Really cold for this skinny white boy who just spent four years in East Africa where it never got below 75. We’ve had snow, rain, and snow-mixed-with-rain which is that perfect combination of the worst that each has to offer. And it hasn’t gotten above freezing in about 9 nine days.

But add just the right mix of tunes to fit the mood and any weather becomes magical. Here’s what I’m listening to right now and have been for the past few “winters,” even in Africa. It’s nice to have some go-to music, isn’t it?

Yo la Tengo – And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out – “Tears are in your Eyes”

Radiohead – Especially Kid A and In Rainbows. All.

Sting – If On a Winter’s Night – “Balulalow”

Bill Morrissey – North – “Ice Fishing”

Postal Service – Give up – “Sleeping In”

Josh Ritter – Bringing in the Darlings – “Love is Making its Way Back Home”

What warms you up in this cold season?


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