Joe Pug Announces West Coast Dates supporting Joe Ely

And, my beloved Portland is not there! BUT. This is totally worth a drive to Seattle on a Sunday and staying overnight, day off work Monday and everything.

Joe and I have a history. I feel like I know him so intimately because of his lyrical honesty, intensity and depth. I have listened to every single one of his EPs, full-lengths, and live downloads, more times than I can count. He is one of the hard-working artists I have seen – not because he tours endlessly, but for the fact that when he gave up art school in North Carolina he got on the road, hitched a ride to Chicago, wrote some songs, and started hand-making his own album covers, self-producing and self-promoting everything. And it was all free, in the beginning. He still lives out that principle with the free five-song download from his site. And I get personal emails every time he’s in Dallas or Portland.

And oh, the poetry he writes. And the voice he has.




(And Joe Ely’s pretty freakin’ great too).


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