The Mowgli’s – San Francisco

I like bands that don’t have a Wikipedia page yet.

Though I am old soul most of the time, and they’re so young and youthful that they don’t even have a full-length LP yet, they have that “big sound” that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes made wildly popular.  And as an 8-member, folksy, intoxicatingly cheery LA band that’s all about love, they will draw many comparisons to the above-mentioned. And they also clearly show indie/emo roots – not unlike a Fun. or their close relatives The Format. So I’m inclined to say “eh, there’s a dime a dozen.”

But  “San Francisco” is just so darn catchy! Singable! Moshy! Upbeat! Whistle-able! Bouncy! What’s not to like? It’s the kind of song that really makes me yearn for warmer weather. This would be a perfect summer song.

And I love all things San Francisco anyway, and this EP was released on my birthday to boot. Something in the heavens is aligning…..

Shout-out to 94.7 KNRK for turning me on to The Mowgli’s.

Listen here –>


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