Allah-Las on World Cafe

Allah-Las on World Cafe

With no obvious Islamic roots as far as I can tell, this is a group that got to know each other while working at Amoeba Music in LA. (I think what they’re going for with the name is more like  the “Ah La-Las” like ‘oooh la-la”, instead of the Allah thing.) They were a big stand-out to me on the NoiseTrade SXSW 2013 playlist, and now they’re on World Cafe. What a combination: NPR, SXSW, Amoeba, NoiseTrade. Perfection.

When I heard their SXSW track I honestly thought they were a Joe Strummer/Hollies/Roy Orbison tribute act. There is definitely a vintage feel here. They also have a distinctive Calexico/Southwest desert vibe going on. Pretty freakin’ sweet. And how good is World Cafe lately? Seriously folks, this is awesome.


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