Sound City Studios Helped Me Fall in Love with Music (with Trailer)

And I had no idea of its influence.

I’ve been hearing about Sound City, Dave Grohl’s new documentary about the famed recording studio in Van Nuys, Hollywood. Not having ever been a fan of Dave Grohl himself, I was mildly interested because I am a music nerd, but thought it might be self-absorbed and/or over the top. I upgraded my feelings to “sincere interest” upon seeing his keynote at SXSW this year. I thought “wow, he seems like more of a regular guy. And not a sellout. An actual fan of quality music.” See here:

But THEN I searched Sound City on Wikipedia (bored nerddom) and found their list of all the albums that have ever been recorded at Sound City. And I learned that so many albums of my adolescence that I totally loved are on that list. And it dawned on me that one thing that holds true for all of those albums is exceptional sound quality.

Nevermind, Rage Against the Machine (their first), Not Fragile, Undertow, Pinkerton, the Godzilla soundtrack,  The Empire Strikes First, Wolfmother. (Yes, please see the rest of this blog and notice how my interests have evolved considerably.)

But these are still GREAT albums that I was hooked on instantly. Great studios elevate quality music to incredible music. This documentary is a must-see.


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