Cowboy Jack Clement

Cowboy Jack Clement

The best Daytrotter session I’ve come across this year is of a recording legend I didn’t even know about.  Cowboy Jack Clements has an extensive list of credits including having produced albums for Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Charley Pride, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks and U2. And as a songwriter we can thank him for “Dirty ol’ Egg Suckin’ Dog” (really awesome) and “I Know One” made famous by Charley Pride.

That’s a pretty serious resume. And now he has his first Daytrotter session.


I’m Published!

Very nice

Special thanks to Larry Carta at for publishing my fresh review of Beast in Its Tracks. Check it out below, with a link to Cool Album after the jump


Beast in Its Tracks Review 4-3-13

I have come to expect great things from Josh Ritter over the handful of years that I’ve been a fan of his. And were it not for my pawing through a friend’s estate sale and picking up Animal Years because he swore I’d like it, I’m not sure how or when I would have found Josh Ritter.

But man, now three LPs and two EPs since that career-defining release, am I ever glad I did.
I went all out with this release. I pre-ordered the 180-gram vinyl (with free CD album version in the dust jacket) in December for the March release. I pre-ordered concert tickets (with free digital download) In January for the concert still 2 1/2 months away.  My expectations could not have been higher, and they were met and exceeded when I sat in my living room and listened to that album from start to finish on its release date in early March….

Bing Lounge Performance — Jamie N Commons

This week I am obsessed with the Bing Lounge (formerly the KINK Performance Lounge.) I dig the interviews and they always seem to get the best up-and-comers (and a few past greats – Billy Bragg for one).

I’d never heard of Jamie N Commons (I guess since I don’t watch The Walking Dead). As I listened to his first number on this set it instantly made me think “Richie Havens!” And with his second I thought “Joe Cocker!”

I just listen in my earbuds as I work, without watching the videos — I decided to check the page and only *then* did I realize that he’s actually white. Caucasian! Impressive.

Full of soul, and lots of gravel in his voice, this guy’s going places.