Bing Lounge Performance — Jamie N Commons

This week I am obsessed with the Bing Lounge (formerly the KINK Performance Lounge.) I dig the interviews and they always seem to get the best up-and-comers (and a few past greats – Billy Bragg for one).

I’d never heard of Jamie N Commons (I guess since I don’t watch The Walking Dead). As I listened to his first number on this set it instantly made me think “Richie Havens!” And with his second I thought “Joe Cocker!”

I just listen in my earbuds as I work, without watching the videos — I decided to check the page and only *then* did I realize that he’s actually white. Caucasian! Impressive.

Full of soul, and lots of gravel in his voice, this guy’s going places.


One thought on “Bing Lounge Performance — Jamie N Commons

  1. Pamela Grannell says:

    Nice, really nice. Thanks for sharing. I agree with your prediction.

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