I’m Published!

Very nice

Special thanks to Larry Carta at CoolAlbumoftheDay.com for publishing my fresh review of Beast in Its Tracks. Check it out below, with a link to Cool Album after the jump


Beast in Its Tracks Review 4-3-13

I have come to expect great things from Josh Ritter over the handful of years that I’ve been a fan of his. And were it not for my pawing through a friend’s estate sale and picking up Animal Years because he swore I’d like it, I’m not sure how or when I would have found Josh Ritter.

But man, now three LPs and two EPs since that career-defining release, am I ever glad I did.
I went all out with this release. I pre-ordered the 180-gram vinyl (with free CD album version in the dust jacket) in December for the March release. I pre-ordered concert tickets (with free digital download) In January for the concert still 2 1/2 months away.  My expectations could not have been higher, and they were met and exceeded when I sat in my living room and listened to that album from start to finish on its release date in early March….

2 thoughts on “I’m Published!

  1. Larry Carta says:

    Nicely done Robin!!! Thanks for telling us about this great new album.

  2. Larry Carta says:

    Oh and “Waa Waa Weee Waa!!!!!”

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