*Jaw Drop*

OK, so the Oregon Zoo is batting a thousand. I heard this week that John Prine was opening and almost had a stroke. How could they get someone like that? Wow. But then I heard about Huey Lewis and the News and was like “meh.”

But THEN I happened on the Old Crow Medicine Show Facebook page and saw that THEY’RE booked the very next week.


Just look. Just go. Just. Wow. Best four musicians I have seen one on bill, possibly ever.



2 thoughts on “*Jaw Drop*

  1. Mac says:

    Robin! Punk Roots? I had no idea. Elaboration, PLEASE.
    (love your blog)

    • amyrob says:

      Hey Kevin! Yeah, in high school when I really came into my own I was on the debate team, and got really heavily into political punk (Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, Flogging Molly, Rancid, Rage Against the Machine) and ska and pop punk (Reel Big Fish, MxPx, New Found Glory). On my car I had stickers like “Punk Rock is Not a Crime” and “No One is Free When Others Are Oppressed.” My smalltown southern parents were very confused. My hair was always spiked and I always wore thrift store clothes and Chuck Taylors. My ticket to the Warped Tour 2004 was at that time my most prized possession.

      Some of the more superficial stuff went away in college but I always retained a strong anti-authoritarian streak (you should have seen me at the KICS meeting with all the parents and students when they decided to fire us all for not being moral enough! I (in)famously threw a folder across the floor and shouted “I’m a teacher! I’m a teacher!”)

      So glad you like the blog. I’m really a melange of my Dad’s late 70s classic rock (Boston, REO Speedwagon) and my mom’s 1990s Nashville country (George Strait, Shania Twain). Americana, outlaw country and folk have been “the next big thing” for me for the last 4-5 years – all very new and fresh – but now I sense a different phase coming. Lou Reed’s death has played no small part in this latest evolution/reawakening. Expect more high-energy vintage stuff like Rosalita-era Bruce, Iggy Pop, the Kinks, and Elvis Costello, and more 21st century gritty sounds like Savages, Jack White, etc.

      Great to hear from you!

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