Indie Music Death Match: Camera Obscura vs She & Him

Indie Music Death Match: Camera Obscura vs She & Him

Remember Celebrity Death Match? Yeah, that brilliant, tasteless, amazing MTV show from 15 years ago. Let’s do that again with modern day indie artists. I think the best one was when a depressed Trent Reznor (“I am a very pretty hate machine”) sliced up a spry Puff Daddy with his “Nine Inch Nails” while Puff Daddy sliced up Trent Reznor with other people’s vinyl records (clever), and then Mills Lane put them both back together, each with pieces of the other one. Amazing.

And yesterday I went to a lunch shindig at our awesome bohemian friend’s downtown home, and piping through the warm air as soon as I walked in was She & Him Vol 3. (You can always count on bohemians for good and timely music.) It was the perfect backdrop for a sunny communal meal in a historic west coast home. It didn’t feel like Christmas, which is always my beef with She & Him because the first time I heard them was on their Christmas album, and now everything else they do just sounds like I should be cutting down a tree and making wassail. Also, Elf.

And I’m just now listening to the new Camera Obscura. Which I probably wouldn’t be listening to, except Pitchfork just promo’d it, highlighting Neko Case and Jim James on harmony. That caused me to bring it up on Spotify, and during the first track I thought “Oh, She & Him!” No, wait. Camera Obscura. Hm…. Thus the celeb death match.

So how would it turn out? Catty? Sexy? Would Neko Case and Jim James show up unexpectedly and smash their guitars over the willowy Zooey Deschanel? Would M. Ward sunglasses them all to death and ballroom-dance with Zooey right off the ring?

Food for thought, music for the ears.


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