Right now, hundreds of people in northern and central Colorado are running from fast approaching fires in the Black Forest. They are abandoning their homes, livestock, and property, hoping they won’t get screwed by their insurance companies and that their kids will be safe.

When I first heard of the fires, I thought it was a normal summertime thing – definitely newsworthy, but a normal function of nature that may or may not affect residents of the towns and suburbs. Then I heard that it was the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history. And then I saw that two of the most endangered areas are Leadville and Salida, two towns where I spent numerous summers and spring breaks as a kid. Then I got sad. It felt personal. One of my favorite childhood memories is standing on top of Mt Hope with my dad and seeing all the brilliant varieties of colors in the trees and valleys thousands of feet below.

I don’t want to think of standing on Mt Hope and seeing nothing but black wasteland below.

So I found this video. The song is beautiful and moving anyway (as is the whole KCD Theater -Louisville performance that you can find on Noisetrade), but the video editing done here on the footage of this old crab apple tree is exquisite. I hope the displaced people of Colorado can get back to this beauty and wonder soon.


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