Get Inside My Brain

So this morning I was feeling like some summertime high energy synth-pop-ska-punk combo would do me some good as I got working. Then I continued to add songs based on my mood and general feeling as each song came up. I originally titled the playlist “Morning” but then thought it would be cool to just continue adding songs throughout the day based on how I felt. The  Spotify playlist below is the full day’s result. The subtle ebb and flow and relationships between the songs is pretty interesting, imo. You’ll see a pretty sizeable mood shift after lunch (starting with Springsteen) but ending with Buffalo Springfield since I just about fell asleep. So then it goes straight to Macklemore and L’il Kim and winds it’s way back to peppy indie pop by the end of the day. Straight from my brain to yours.

** photo courtesy of the very awesome**


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