Get Inside My Brain v. 3 (of 3)

Another fine day of playlist creation. This will be the last one of these. For a while, anyway. There’s so much other interesting stuff to write about!

But, one last time. Check this out. This was the morning after the 4th. Who wants to get back up and go to work after a late night of food, libations, and fireworks? So I really wasn’t feeling the high energy music, like at all. (Almost a sunglasses-even-while-indoors morning).

So the list stays pretty mellow until Nirvana and  Birds of Chicago. From there it gets downright gritty with some outlaw country, then back to some gentle folk, before it ramps up with Rosalita and all the way up to Buzzcocks,  Dead Prez, and Wolfmother by the end of the day. A gradual crescendo kind of day and I’m ready for a weekend of awesome.


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