Happy 70th Birthday Mick Jagger


So you look like a constipated California Raisin. Big deal. So you have like 17 illegitimate kids. I can accept that. Because you brought us Gimme Shelter and I Miss You, two of the most intense  and moody vocal performances ever, and of course, that famous duck walk. You and your homies have relentless toured for the past 45 years, and the stories are nothing short of legendary. You even got a song written about your dance moves by a guy who wasn’t even born until you were 35. Nice.

But today I choose to pay tribute to you with these two later-career tunes that feature perhaps a more sensitive and understated Jagger, but are equally powerful and timeless. I didn’t really “get” you or your style until 40 Licks and the Alfie soundtrack. (Yes, I’m even younger than Mr Levine.) But with those I was hooked. So thanks, for that, and for all the rocker jeans, boots, moves, and tunes.


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