The Lone Bellow + my family = happiness

The Lone Bellow + my family = happiness

Alright people, this was amazing. A free Lone Bellow in-store performance at Music Millenium as a warm-up for Pickathon. Only about 25 people were really there to see them (which totally surprised me). More surprising was how they filled that record store to the rafters with their warm harmonies and intense delivery. I said about 25 people came, but really originally there were about 8 people until they started singing. Then everyone got REALLY interested. Something serious was happening. My baby boy slept through it and my toddler clapped right along.  And yes I bought their vinyl with free poster and got them both signed. Really gentle people too. They were super happy to see kids there (and we weren’t the only family). Rock on!


One thought on “The Lone Bellow + my family = happiness

  1. Beth says:

    I love that you are integrating your passion for music into a lifestyle with your kiddos. And it’s so refreshing to see artists who are glad for munchkins at their shows, especially the small venues. Musicians have way more credibility for me when they appreciate the wonder for life and music that kids can offer.

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