Wild Feathers – The Ceiling

Feast your eyes and ears on this. With a very satisfying chord progression (for this choosy Texan country music fan), and a beautiful extended lead-in to the chorus, which then erupts with so much emotional intensity and vocal variation, we’ve got a serious winner. One of those instant-listen-fandom songs. Other tracks off the record like its opener “Backwoods Company” – a blistering outside-the-law moonshine-swilling story romp – do the same.  All of their voices blend exceptionally well, but have a slight edginess like if the Eagles walk into Nashville bar and meet up with the Black Crowes for an epic supergroup.

They do seem to know how to play the game, with a super-produced video and massive social media presence, but the music just rocks. They are opening for ZZ Ward in P-town here in a couple weeks – at the Aladdin Theater. Most acts this small would start at much smaller venues. So notwithstanding whatever shenanigans by which they’re promoted, the music, again, just rocks. Evocative and rootsy in a really happy way, I would love to see them share a stage with the Lone Bellow or Ivan & Alyosha. They’ve already opened for Dylan and the Possum, if that tells you anything about the crowd they’re running in.


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