The Very Last Night of Summer

It’s been a good one. I’m being wooed this evening by the magical psychedelic mystery of KINK’s Saturday Night House Party. Highlights so far:

  • Read My Mind – The Killers
  • Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
  • Smoke Two Joints – The Toyes
  • The Joker – Fatboy Slim
  • I Sat By The Ocean – Queens of the Stone Age
  • Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
  • Right Hand Man – Joan Osbourne
  • 20th Century Boy – T. Rex
  • Dancing with Mr D. – Rolling Stones
  • If the 60 were 90s – Beautiful People

Meanwhile my three year old is wailing bloody murder and peeing on the carpet while my 5 1/2 month old is just generally not sleeping (how could he, really?)

Need. More. Music.


Exit Music for Summer, Perfected.

Mighty Oaks is the name. Total summer-nostalgic-happiness is the game. Thanks to  Music is my First Language for featuring this Berlin- based folk artist today. Pay special attention to “The Great Northwest” and “Just One Day.” It is gentle, mellow, mature, hopeful, wonderful. Buy the EP on iTunes for just five bucks.

Lyle Lovett – Church

How I didn’t know this song before, I will never know, but thank you KINK! This was the absolute perfect 6 minute song to be stuck in rush hour traffic with yesterday. Literate, funny, hand-clapping foot-stomping R&B gospel goodness.

“To the Lord..
Praises be..
It’s time for dinner now let’s go eat.”

A Summer, Mellow & Electric

Thanks, Pure Bathing Culture, for this beautiful album cover.

It’s September and I’m starting to get anxious about the end of summer. I’m just not quite ready to hibernate.

The two best rhythms of summer I’ll miss the most are:

1) The upward energy that comes with the blazing sun, the hot steering wheel, epic road trips and legendary festivals, and…

2) Then the mellow self-reflection of long sunsets, magical campfires, cool ocean breezes and long meandering morning bike rides.

I think this music is perfect for both ways of being – trying to get my last taste of summer before it’s gone for awhile.  Enjoy!