Fallin’ For You (Autumn Muse)


Perhaps the best autumn full album I've found.

A true autumn-tinged album.


It is pretty exciting when you create the perfect fall playlist, and then Songza’s “Harvest Moon” playlist features more than one of the artists you chose. So far they’ve pulled up Joe Pug and Van Morrison for their list described as:

A collection of warm acoustic songs, handpicked for enjoying the crisp autumn air, fall foliage, and hot apple cider.

A fine goal, not far from what I’m trying to do with my Spotify playlist. They also featured Gordon Lightfoot and the Allmans’ “Little Martha” which I promptly added to my list.

In creating this list I have tried to figure out what it is that makes “perfect” fall music and what makes it different from winter music. So far I think a perfect ‘fall’ song should be…

  • Mellow but still crackling with energy – not a total sleeper but not with the intensity of summer heat and activity either.
  • Something short of full-on hibernation music (hint: not Bon Iver or Sting’s winter album)
  • Wistful without being depressing. (Yes to Simon & Garfunkel and Swell Season. No to Bill Callahan or Bill Morrissey)

We’ll see how my thinking evolves. For now, enjoy the autumn tunes, and tell me how well I measure up to my own standards….


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