Daytrotter Wins Friday…

Deer Tick, ftw.

Daytrotter Wins Friday…

…With three incredible featured sessions today. Deer Tick, Lucius, and Gregory Alan Isakov. I love the raw and stripped-down sound they get with their live sessions. Just awesome. Deer Tick brings gritty vocals to piano-driven country ballads with an acoustic flavor. Lucius gets it done with peppy, fully-blended Brooklyn folk-pop, and Gregory Alan Isakov, well, you might just cry in your beer with his accompanying banjo and a gentle, mellow croon.

Deer Tick – Track 1 – Hope is Big!/concert/deer-tick/20057137-3737501

Lucius – Track 4 – Wildewoman!/concert/lucius/20056744-37383843

Gregory Alan Isakov – Track 3 – Saint Valentine!/concert/gregory-alan-isakov/20057105-37382661


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