Snow Music, Snow Day

I’m at work and my daughter is off to school but some other local districts are delayed or closed today for the first snow of the season. I got out to walk our dog around 6:15  and it was swirling and light, but by 7:30 we had a solid 1-2″ and driving was precarious.

I love snow, just snow. This Texan boy didn’t see much of it in his growing up, and when it did come it came with ice and death and danger. Out here in the PNW it comes all by itself, falls slowly, covers the Doug Firs, piles up softly next to the sidewalk, makes our tough logging/trucking town transform into a charming west coast wonderland.

Snow music adds to the magic. It should be bright, uplifting, beautiful. It will have an acoustic or lo-fi flavor and stark, distinctive vocals. It should find a way to be warm and nostalgic without a sad or wistful tone. It’s time to play and run and inhale deeply and eat snow and make fudge and sit contentedly with someone you love by a fire.

Here you’ll find Josh Ritter, Dylan (father and son), Cash, Damien Rice, Bill Morrissey, and so many more troubadours to bring a warm smile and layers upon layers of wonder.


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