This Ray Price Interview Is Why I Love Country Music

This is it. I haven’t been able to really explain my love for country music, especially the really old traditional country – Hank Williams, Tex Ritter, etc – but this interview from 1999 does it better than I ever could.  Please do listen, don’t just read the transcript.

I love it for the simplicity, emotion, and plainspoken style you hear, its representation of the South,  the way that romanticism and reality come together elegantly. Terry Gross is an expert interviewer, but I think here even she was on occasion struck speechless at the stories and amazing life experiences housed in one man’s flesh and bone.

RIP Ray Price. I wish I’d known your music (Heartache by the Numbers, Crazy Arms) before you died, and wish we had met. Maybe we still will.

Photo: Sunday Morning Herald


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