St Vincent Is Awesome

Hurray for talented artists from Dallas!

I wrote last year about local artists from my old stomping ground that I still enjoy. That list is short, and pretty much all of them have not gained nationwide appeal. Dallas just isn’t a place that inspires a lot of legitimate music.

So when I started hearing about St. Vincent’s new album I was definitely digging the sound, though not totally sold until I heard that she (Annie Clark) is from not too far from where I was born.

I think she’s got one of the more unique sounds of the computer-music age. It’s kind of quirky, squashy, crunchy (not in a granola way), the minimoog bass and horns/horn samples/horn-like-sounds are like of one of those contraptions from the Grinch) and then her guitar brings a grittiness that works. In her own words, you have “The feel of a human but the sound of a machine.”

Check out “Digital Witness,” the first single, here. St. Vincent comes out on February 25th.



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