Classic Rock Arena Show Bucket List


If I had unlimited time and money, was single, didn’t have a job, etc etc etc I would go to a lot more shows. I have a running list of up and coming indie or otherwise bands that I plan to see this year or in the next couple of years (Dr. Dog, St Vincent, Lake Street Drive, Nickel Creek, the Thermals). When I do have money, these are the acts I tend to prioritize for fear of missing out and wanting to live in the now.

The list below is a little different. These are the ones that I I kind of stopped caring so much about once I fell in love with more current music. But it’s really these that laid the foundation for me way back when. Even though I don’t regularly listen to them very often, I’ve realized that it really might be worth it to save up and see them. 

So has anyone seen any of these acts? Help me prioritize. I’ve heard Springsteen is one not to miss. I’m curious about the others. None could top Spinal Tap live and in concert, but a few might come close.

Van Halen

ZZ Top

Bob Seger


Pearl Jam 

Bob Dylan 

Page and Plant/Zeppelin Reunion

Elton John 

The Rolling Stones 

The Who 





One thought on “Classic Rock Arena Show Bucket List

  1. KHM says:

    I’ve seen The Who, Rush, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, and Springsteen and all were amazing in their own way.
    The Who – Incredible energy for a bunch of old fogy’s, had all the signature moves you’d expect and Daltrey’s voice was still in top form in 2006. It was before Jon Entwhistle died so I’m not sure how much that affects the current incarnation.
    Rush – Precision rock, and also hilarious between song banter. They tend to play a lot of new stuff which I wasn’t too fond of.
    Pearl Jam – Somewhat listless performance, although I heard it was much better the next night, and this particular venue had terrible sound. Also are somewhat averse to their “hits.”
    Bob Dylan – We’ve discussed this. Its Bob Dylan and at the same time its not Bob Dylan.
    The Rolling Stones – A complete blast, Jagger and Richards especially killed it with a double barreled blast of enthusiasm and utter joy. Great crowd interplay, amazing back up musicians and they love doing the hits. You really get the sense that they are up there getting off on their own sound. Probably the best out of all of these.

    I’d also suggest these gems:
    Peter Frampton, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, James Taylor, Tom Petty, and Eric Clapton. Each one of those were beyond superb.

    Party on!

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