Paradise by the Stadium Lights: MLB Opening Day

The Rangers are behind by 3 in a shootout with the Phillies, and already an umpire’s call has been overturned for the first time in Major League history (a practice which I absolutely detest). But Opening Day is always a good day. Here’s a song to celebrate. (Meat Loaf’s voice is pretty weathered but you know why this is a baseball song).


“Inventions” – Explosions in the Sky Side Project


Deep, churning cello passes, bright and mellow electric guitar and meandering natural soundscapes are what you get with Inventions‘ first release.

I love listening to music like this for the seamless, swirling transitions from one aural texture to another and the way it stirs up my imagination. In the first two tracks I found myself visualizing the Oregon Coast, footage of whales beneath the ocean and other Planet Earth/Blue Planet wordless scenes. Toward the middle I started to envision a foggy New England harbor and an expansive cathedral with soft choral murmurings and stained glass. I even started to think about the “Lifescapes” CD that we used when my wife was giving birth that had the sound of a womb and baby heartbeat. This is all very peaceful and keeps me in the center of my being.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that I already know that EITS is three-quarters Texan, and so, while Inventions is a derivative of that iconic post-rock band, it still connects me back to home and deep happiness. I should also mention that Inventions is one part EITS and one part a band called Eluvium, about whom I know nothing, but I assume they’re good. It’s all in the company you keep.



Congratulations Music Millennium!


My hat is off to Terry (left) and the gang at Music Millennium. When I first posted last week I was afraid they wouldn’t make it, but in the last week or so they’ve made up huge ground and announced yesterday that they achieved their goal. Awesome!

They got Greg (right) from 94.7 mornings to come up and live with Terry on the roof of the store for this entire week, with radio promo spots every hour on the hour. That was a brilliant promotional strategy and probably what put them over the top so quickly. Here’s the Kickstarter Announcement of their victory:


Today we hit our goal thanks to all of you! We are going to keep it going till Saturday when our Kickstarter ends. Today we are serving refreshments from 3 till 7pm compliments of Migration Brewing and New Belgium. We have the Lonely Wild playing a free live performance at 6pm. Greg Glover and Biscuit will be on hand to say hello. Keep spreading the word and we will have some exciting changes for you to see in the near future.

Whats next? The amount above our goal will go to improvements to the store. We have the ceramic tile roof which needs repaired too. We might get lucky and be able to do that roof also. After Record Store Day, we will begin plans to re- roof the store and begin with the  plans for the coffee, beer and wine bar.

We will be sending out reward certificate in April and will have the T-shirts and Pint Glasses in house by May 1st. I will contact all of you in the near future with other rewards. The private dinner concert will be at our good friend Tony Starlights in the next couple months. I look forward to taking those backers to a show that were able to make that level of donation also. I promise we will have a great night! Plus the private house concerts….I’ll make it a great night for you with one of Portland’s finest talents.

Again, I can’t thank you enough!



Way to go guys. Can’t wait for the new bev bar to be installed and to experience an even MORE awesome record store.

Help Music Millennium: Only 9 Days Left


Music Millenium is the oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest and a fine one at that. They’ve been on East Burnside since 1969 and bring a great overall music-loving experience. It’s laid back, and all the attendants are friendly and super knowledgable without being overbearing. The vinyl selection is huge, there are multiple listening stations, and their sidewalk sales are legendary. Their free in-store performances on their upstairs balcony are also legendary. You stand on the ground floor next to the new releases with 30-50 of your closest friends and look up to a crowded but intimate staging area. It’s a great experience.

Now the store is trying to open a wine and coffee bar as well as trying to get its roof repaired, and they need your help. They’ve got nine days and still about $27,000 left to raise to meet their goal.

Willing to donate? Think about it and tell your friends about this great place as well. Just $15 gets you a sweet Music Millennium pint glass. $25 gets you two, and $50 gets you two glasses and a t-shirt.

Here’s the Kickstarter link for more details. Take this opportunity to help one of the best brick and mortar record stores in the country become even better.

A High-Culture Hoedown: Haas Kowert Tice on Bandcamp

Haas Kowert Tice on Bandcamp

My beautiful and interesting wife sent me this beautiful and interesting music last night as we were discussing Nickle Creek’s reunion and where to spend our fun money this spring and summer. (It goes without saying that we already got Nickle Creek tickets as soon as we possibly could have – but there’s Hayes Carll and Joan Baez and Dave Alvin and Hurray for the Riff Raff and…and…and…!)

Haas Kowert Tice derives their name from the last name of each of their three members; so the name ends up sounding quirky and exotic while the people are probably actually really simple and normal. I dig that. This is also a side project for Paul Kowert who has risen to critical fame as the bassist for Punch Brothers.

My first thought was that HKT’s lively blend of fiddle, mandolin, upright bass and guitar sounds a lot like the Goat Rodeo Sessions, and their music is kind of like what a hoedown at Carnegie Hall might be like: exciting and rambunctious but pleasantly cultured.

I’m already a huge fan of the second track “Down in the Hatch.” Its upward motion and energy makes me want to get up and dance a country jig around the small and often-awkward office/studio where I work. It possesses a lot of emotion without any lyrics at all, which is what the best instrumental music can do.

Kudos to you, Haas Kowert Tice.  I’ll definitely come see you if you come through the ol’ PDX neighborhood.

Free Download: The Band Joseph Now at Noisetrade


No one can sing harmony better than siblings, and this band of three sisters brings exquisitely fine-tuned blends of soul and dirge-style music.

I had the good fortune of seeing the Portland trio Joseph in October of last year at the Secret Society in Portland. I went for The Show Ponies but Joseph came on after, and I was glad I stayed. Their presence filled up the room, and the trio brought some seriously dramatic and stirring vocals that left all of us in a reverent silence.

Enjoy a free download of their debut record Native Dreamer Kin from NoiseTrade (and don’t forget to tip!)