Music for Lent, Vol 1


This year for Lent I have decided to give up the vocal track in my music listening. For six weeks, I’ll listen to only instrumental music. I think this will make me a better listener, free my mind of unnecessary mental “tapes” or tracks – because it’s really true that through music it’s pretty easy for someone else’s thoughts to get into your head and stick around for a while, for better or for worse. So I’m experimenting. I’ll listen to the local jazz station in my car and alternate between it and the classical station. Once I get to work I’ll listen to Pandora or Spotify that I can craft to my liking.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll keep listening to Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Probably not. It might be nice just to take a break from the constant analytical onslaught and just gently groove with the music on the commute to and from downtown.

I’ve embedded my introductory Spotify playlist below. It ranges from the Cuban trumpet stylings of Arturo Sandoval, to a string medley from Gerald Trimble, the always-awesome Santana, a couple of Zeppelin tunes, Leo Kottke, F*ck Buttons, and the funky saxophone-driven busking style of Moon Hooch. It’s gonna be an interesting six weeks.


2 thoughts on “Music for Lent, Vol 1

  1. 45spin says:

    That is one interesting playlist, add a little Weather Report and you pretty much have what I was listening to in the late seventies.

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