New Listen: Tycho – “Awake”


This is my first full album listen during the no-vocals Lent experiment. I saw it come up on First Listen and thought I’d give it a try. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s mellow, it’s well-layered, and perfect for fans of Explosions in the Sky, Solar Bears, and Pure Bathing Culture. I don’t really know that much about how this music is produced, but it definitely makes for nice “while you work/cook/clean” music that’s easy to relax to. Some simplistic intermittent thoughts I’ve had while listening:

– Kind of sounds like U2 without Bono.

– It’s summery. Occasionally the high-pitched, upwardly-moving synth scales sound like fireflies escaping into the night sky.

– The low-end synth work sometimes sounds like a marimba.

– There are many 80s’style synth-snare drum accents and electronic handclaps.

Overall I like it. It fills a void and puts me in a relaxed state of mind. Any other recommendations in this genre?


One thought on “New Listen: Tycho – “Awake”

  1. KHM says:

    NPR hits another home run! Pandora needs to absorb more than a few of those pickers.

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