Help Music Millennium: Only 9 Days Left


Music Millenium is the oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest and a fine one at that. They’ve been on East Burnside since 1969 and bring a great overall music-loving experience. It’s laid back, and all the attendants are friendly and super knowledgable without being overbearing. The vinyl selection is huge, there are multiple listening stations, and their sidewalk sales are legendary. Their free in-store performances on their upstairs balcony are also legendary. You stand on the ground floor next to the new releases with 30-50 of your closest friends and look up to a crowded but intimate staging area. It’s a great experience.

Now the store is trying to open a wine and coffee bar as well as trying to get its roof repaired, and they need your help. They’ve got nine days and still about $27,000 left to raise to meet their goal.

Willing to donate? Think about it and tell your friends about this great place as well. Just $15 gets you a sweet Music Millennium pint glass. $25 gets you two, and $50 gets you two glasses and a t-shirt.

Here’s the Kickstarter link for more details. Take this opportunity to help one of the best brick and mortar record stores in the country become even better.


One thought on “Help Music Millennium: Only 9 Days Left

  1. 45spin says:

    What a fantastic store, Now I know what we were discussing earlier about Coffee.

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