Congratulations Music Millennium!


My hat is off to Terry (left) and the gang at Music Millennium. When I first posted last week I was afraid they wouldn’t make it, but in the last week or so they’ve made up huge ground and announced yesterday that they achieved their goal. Awesome!

They got Greg (right) from 94.7 mornings to come up and live with Terry on the roof of the store for this entire week, with radio promo spots every hour on the hour. That was a brilliant promotional strategy and probably what put them over the top so quickly. Here’s the Kickstarter Announcement of their victory:


Today we hit our goal thanks to all of you! We are going to keep it going till Saturday when our Kickstarter ends. Today we are serving refreshments from 3 till 7pm compliments of Migration Brewing and New Belgium. We have the Lonely Wild playing a free live performance at 6pm. Greg Glover and Biscuit will be on hand to say hello. Keep spreading the word and we will have some exciting changes for you to see in the near future.

Whats next? The amount above our goal will go to improvements to the store. We have the ceramic tile roof which needs repaired too. We might get lucky and be able to do that roof also. After Record Store Day, we will begin plans to re- roof the store and begin with the  plans for the coffee, beer and wine bar.

We will be sending out reward certificate in April and will have the T-shirts and Pint Glasses in house by May 1st. I will contact all of you in the near future with other rewards. The private dinner concert will be at our good friend Tony Starlights in the next couple months. I look forward to taking those backers to a show that were able to make that level of donation also. I promise we will have a great night! Plus the private house concerts….I’ll make it a great night for you with one of Portland’s finest talents.

Again, I can’t thank you enough!



Way to go guys. Can’t wait for the new bev bar to be installed and to experience an even MORE awesome record store.


One thought on “Congratulations Music Millennium!

  1. KHM says:

    This is fantastic! I never expected them to reach their goal but this is really going to ensure they are a long term cultural staple around here. Glorious news and I only wish every city were lucky enough to have something like MM.

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