“Inventions” – Explosions in the Sky Side Project


Deep, churning cello passes, bright and mellow electric guitar and meandering natural soundscapes are what you get with Inventions‘ first release.

I love listening to music like this for the seamless, swirling transitions from one aural texture to another and the way it stirs up my imagination. In the first two tracks I found myself visualizing the Oregon Coast, footage of whales beneath the ocean and other Planet Earth/Blue Planet wordless scenes. Toward the middle I started to envision a foggy New England harbor and an expansive cathedral with soft choral murmurings and stained glass. I even started to think about the “Lifescapes” CD that we used when my wife was giving birth that had the sound of a womb and baby heartbeat. This is all very peaceful and keeps me in the center of my being.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that I already know that EITS is three-quarters Texan, and so, while Inventions is a derivative of that iconic post-rock band, it still connects me back to home and deep happiness. I should also mention that Inventions is one part EITS and one part a band called Eluvium, about whom I know nothing, but I assume they’re good. It’s all in the company you keep.




One thought on ““Inventions” – Explosions in the Sky Side Project

  1. KHM says:

    The first few tracks make me think of that feeling when you catch a scent you havent smelled in years or decades, and all the associated memories you thought were long lost come drifting back.

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