Jack White is a Guitar Wizard

And I love him so. He just released a new single for his new record and announced that, yes indeed, there will be tour dates this year (check his site this Friday). That, my friends, basically ties up my money for the next three months. Gotta see this guy. After seeing Plant last year, I definitely want to check out the legendary Mr White while he’s still in his prime. (BTW, Robert Plant was very much in his prime when I saw him last summer, and will be until his last breath.)

Also, how about one of the most iconic guitarists in my generation releasing a GUITAR ONLY track while I’m doing instruments-only for lent. Sweet sweet goodness.

Here’s the video for “High Ball Stepper.” You may want to go audio only if you’re epiletic, or have one eye, or something. It’s a little trippy.


One thought on “Jack White is a Guitar Wizard

  1. KHM says:

    Jack White has permanently annexed a part of my brain space and this new track is sensationally scintillating serendipity. As long as he is producing music overall is doing pretty damn good.

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