Black Keys Announce Arena Tour w/ St. Vincent, Cage the Elephant, Jake Bugg

Black Keys Announce Arena Tour w/ St. Vincent & Cage the Elephant

So the Black Keys are kind of “huger than huge” right now. They pretty much embody the DIY indie rock sound and are revered for their prolific repetoire and ever-evolving sound. Chulahoma is arguably their critical best (before the much-discussed switch to a big label with Attack & Release, Brothers, and then El Camino.) For me, I semi-jumped on the bandwagon with “Howlin’ for You” (which I realized gets me exactly zero indie cred, but at least I’m honest.)  It was a great video and had that endlessly catchy riff with “la-da-da-DAT-da!”

I haven’t been super excited about the new song “Fever” but I absolutely love “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy” – both incomparable hot weather jams. And it’s not that “Fever” is bad – probably the best thing on the radio right now until Jack White’s new single comes out – just that it didn’t grab me right away.

It would be awesome to see a zeitgeist band while we’re actually still IN the zeitgeist (similar to why I MUST see Jack White when he comes around this year). However, it would not be awesome to pay crazy Ticketmaster prices for a seat that’s 300 feet from the stage. But hey, I guess I missed their intimate-venue days, and they deserve a huge number of fans and the money that comes along with that, so I’m happy for them.

Their Portland show is with Jake Bugg, which is a slight bummer since I would love to see both St Vincent and Cage the Elephant (either one of whom would help justify the ticket cost) but we’ll see what happens come Halloween night.


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