Local Spotlight: I <3 KZME

I love the fact that there is a listener-supported radio station in this area that features pretty much exclusively local and independent artists. It’s all music all the time, which neither OPB nor XRAY.fm can say for themselves. I love politics and news, and I like talk radio from time to time, but there’s something special about having a station in your presets that you know will always have music going that has originality and integrity and will be something you haven’t already heard 5 times this week (seriously, KINK, I’ve just about had it with One Republic, and KNRK, Kongos is done. Just done.)

Sometimes I like the idea of KZME more than the actual songs they play, but it’s always a different feel than the big signal stations and they do play enough songs I enjoy that it stays on my dial pretty regularly. If you listen long enough you’ll hear indie darlings like Elliot Smith, the Eels, and the Dandy Warhols.

Tonight I was impressed with this track by The Wipers as I came home. I thought it must be a new quirky Portland band, but in fact it’s a legendary punk group from the early 80s that recorded right here in humble ol’ Vancouver, Wash. Enjoy the grittiness, and the punk spin on Shakespeare.


3 thoughts on “Local Spotlight: I <3 KZME

  1. KHM says:

    KZME is great. It has all the good parts of KBOO without the crazy 4 hour long marathons of incomprehensible experimental music.

  2. Robin says:

    LOL that is true. And marathons of dead air while their DJ who’s invariably high loses his place in the script, again, or just altogether forgets what he was saying.

  3. Robin says:

    That said, I do love KBOO’s Noontime Jamboree and Grateful Dead and Friends every Saturday at noon

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