Bands I Didn’t See at Pickathon This Year

I didn’t go to Pickathon this year. It’s too dang expensive. I get that they’re trying to limit attendance to keep it intimate and everything, which is cool, but it also comes off as pretty snobbish – keep out the riff raff.

Luckily for poor folk like me, Pickathon is popular enough that there have been many write-ups, reviews, and blog spaces dedicated to recaps of the weekend. Here’s the best from what I’ve seen and read.

The Men – Another Night

I hear the Clash’s “Train in Vain”, Springsteen’s “Rosalita” and a chilled out Steely Dan riff in this track by The Men. The whole song is very energetic and features a saxophone to really make it epic. Find it on their awesomely titled record “Tomorrow’s Hits.”

Diarrhea Planet – Separations

This is a power rock Nashville band that I’ve been squeamish to post about because of their, shall we say, “salty” name? But their music is amazing. Four electric guitarists sounds like it would clutter up the place too much, but they find a way to weave and bob in that Keith Richards-Ronnie Wood way that brings a clean energy. I decided to pick the video for “Separations” but you can find 30 and 40 minute videos of their Pickathon 2014 sets on Youtube. Apparently there were some pretty righteous mosh pits in the Galaxy Barn.

Those Darlins

Willamette Week called them “The Best X That Isn’t X.” I might agree. X was at the top of my list to see if I had had some kind of financial windfall of some kind, but discovering Those Darlins would have been pretty awesome too.

Parquet Courts

I’ve liked this Austin-by-way-of-Brooklyn band for a while now, since their “Stoned and Starving” song of 2013. I like this video in particular because it showcases the awesome woodland setting at Pickathon and you can feel the crowd’s good vibes. Also, the bassist’s nonstop headbanging is incredible.

The Black Lillies

A nice rambling country ballad-jam the likes of which I imagine Pickathon’s creators had in mind when they conceived the whole idea of this kind of festival.

Courtney Barnett

It would have been nice to see Courtney Barnett’s silver-tongued wit and infectious guitar energy. I love how happy she is in this video.

So cheers to Pickathon 2014 – and cheers to me making a whole lot more money so I can attend next year.


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