In the Valley Below – Peaches

I heard this song on 94.7 yesterday. It was introduced as a song that’s either  “vaguely sexual or just about running a fruit orchard. You decide.” So even though it was basically radio DJ click bait, I admit that it got me interested. And then the song came on, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay attention to the road for about 4 minutes and 50 seconds. It’s haunting, brooding, and yes, sexual, but not in a slimy way – more in a threatening way. Like, don’t-mess-with-me-because-I’ve-got-you-by-the-balls kind of thing. I’m on a string of liking dark tunes, and just made a Pandora station of this band, Nick Cave, MGMT, and Hozier. A modern murder ballads playlist may be up next. It is October, after all, and Halloween is just around the corner. Enjoy.


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