Federale – Blood Flowed like Wine

Lent is here. I find myself wanting to listen to meditations on nothingness, emptiness, death and human depravity. Yes, actual depravity. Maybe John Calvin was onto something after all? No, he probably (definitely) wasn’t, but I am still in that emotional space of thinking about the limitations of human beings, the avoidable fact that we all die, and how that has been in expressed music. Here are some lyrics and a soundscape that have really taken me deep as I figure out how I want to approach Lent. I’m doing some coursework and just started a new job, so I can’t commit to the discipline of writing every day like I want to, but at least this is something. Or maybe it’s nothing? Har har. Enjoy. The lyrics make me uncomfortable, but hey, that’s Lent.

I’m not one of the faithful
I’ve only come for your wine
And I’d give my soul
For an endless cup
Show me where to sign

The preacher grew horns
His head like a goat
He passed me the cup
And the wine flowed like blood
As it poured down my throat

For your mortal soul
This cup that never goes empty
I slaughter the flock
And the blood flowed like wine
And I slash my own neck

Into a crooked smile
From ear to ear
Down my chest
And the blood flowed like wine
Until i was dry

Well the joke is on you
I’ll send all of my lies
I’ve lied
And robbed and cheated
And butchered my wife

So I’ll drink from this cup
And soon I’ll be lit
But the wine flowed like blood
Through the hole
That I cut in my neck

I’ve reaped what I sowed
So this is my lot
And I’m given the curse
Of an unbending thirst
But can’t quench my desire

So the joke is on me
The emptiness mine
My body’s a cup
That can’t hold a soul
A wither or fire

And the blood flowed through the aisles of the church
And the souls filled the steeple
They opened the doors
And the blood flowed like wine
From all the dead people


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