The Magic of Mississippi Delta Blues (h/t Sparkle Stories “FIFTY”)

My wife and I subscribe to a wonderful storytelling podcast for our kids (ages 7 and 4), called Sparkle Stories. Imagine the best moments of Mr Rogers and Reading Rainbow, with a special emphasis on empathy, kindness and ecology at a kid-friendly level – that’s Sparkle Stories.  We love it.

The creators have invented many worlds- my kids’ favorites are a Junkyard Tales with animal characters who live at the city dump, and the adventures of Martin and Sylvia, who are both about my kids’ age, live in the country in a big house with lots of windows, and explore their environment in fun and novel ways.

So Sparkle Stories is great across the board, but recently they have released “FIFTY – The Stars, The States, The Stories.” And it is extremely awesome. I have thoroughly enjoyed each vignette of a historical moment or person from each state. Often the characters are nicknamed until the very end, for the benefit of a big “aha” moment (for the parents especially) where the famous historical figure is revealed.

Such was the case for the Mississippi story. For the purposes of what I write after this current paragraph, I will say this – I am a fan of music and I consume all the corresponding literature. For the last 15+ years I have devoured books, zines, biographies, blogs, reviews, articles, DVDs, lectures, liner notes, podcasts, and on and on about pretty much all genres, time periods and styles in the American music journey.

So when I say that this story is hands-down the best dramatization of a delta blues origin story I have ever across, I mean it. The story is called “Boll Weevil and the Blues.” Just the story alone is worth the $15 per month subscription, but you can also get a 10-day free trial here.

If hearing this story doesn’t turn you on to the blues, I’m not sure what will. Come for the story and stay for the joy it brings


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